Check Valve

Dual Plate Check Valve

dual plate check valveWafer Type Dual Plate Check Valves are maintained open by the flow of fluid in the forward direction and are closed by back pressure of the fluid or by the weight of the closing mechanism or by a spring force. Available in Various designs and sizes. The range of these valves available from 50mm to massive units of 1600mm dia. All features put together make the valve as the most efficient & versatile design.


  1. Small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, easy in maintenance.
  2. Two torsion springs are used excreting on each of the pair valve plates. Which close the plates quickly
  3. and automatically.
  4. The quick-close action prevents the medium from flowing back and eliminates water-hammer effect.
  5. This valve is short in length, so that it is rigid and easy to mount.
  6. It is easy to install on pipeline which is laid horizontally or vertically.
  7. This valve is tightly sealed without leakage under the pressure water test.
  8. Safe and reliable in operation, high interference-resistance.

Design Standard: API 594

Size: 2"~24"

Rating:ANSI 150lb ~ 2500lb

Body Materials:    Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, special Alloy Steel

End Connection: Wafer, Lug, Double Flange

Design Feature: Application:

Dual plate or single plate

Light-weight & compact design

Spring loaded disc

Resilient or Metal seated