3 Way Ball Valve

3 way ball valvethree way Ball Valve T-and L-type. T-3 orthogonal channels allow each other to cut off China Unicom and the third channel, from triage, the role of collusion. L-type can only connect the two orthogonal channels, while maintaining the third can not be inter-connected channels, only a distribution function

Features :

1, three ball valve used in the structural integration of the structure, 4 of the sealing valve seat surface type, small flange connection, high reliability and a lightweight design

2, three core sub-T-ball and L-type, long service life, the flow capacity, small resistance

3, ball valve according to the role of sub-type, single and dual role of the role of the two types

Full port and standard port. 4 seat design for L-Port and T-port flow pathes. reinforced teflon seats. temperature rated to 450 deg F. self adjusting stem packing. ISO5211 mounting pad allows for direct mountin of electric and pneumatic actuators. actuation Packages Available. 1/4" to 2" NPT


  •  High flow full port valve
  • Balanced 4-seat construction
  • Simple pneumatic actuation
  • Dual piston rack and pinion quarter turn actuator
  • Double acting and spring return
  • actuators
  • ISO/Namur/VDI/VDE interfacesfor accessories
  • Suitable for outdoor, hazardous locations, and certain washdown environments
  •  Suitable for range of fluids and inert gase


Size:2″ ~ 48″

Rating:ANSI 150lb ~ 2500lb

Basic Design: API 6D;

Test: API 6D, BS 6755, API 607, API 6FA

BodyMaterials:Forged carbon steel,stainless steel;

Trim: A105+ENP, 13Cr, F304, F316;

Operation:Handwheel, Gear, Motor, Pneumatic operato