Production Manufacturing

valve manufacturerScience and technology constitute a primary productive force, also the core competitive strength of the enterprise. Continuously intensifying the research, development and innovation of core technology, pursuing prominence and keeping improving, ensuring the excellent quality and performance of every single product by advanced production equipment, strict quality control and precise production and inspection procedures. Production facility is the sign of productivity level. Sophisticated production facilities represent the advanced productivity. By introducing superior technology and production facilities continuously, KOJO perfectly integrates the internal quality of products and the external individualized designs to cater for the requirements of industrial modernization.

kojo valve testingStrict, truth-seeking and unremitting working style is represented in every working procedure of KOJO valve. The highly responsible inspectors concentrate on every part and with the advanced inspection quipment and strict scientific management, every piece of finished product is capable of standing up under customers’ careful selection.

Training and staff development, posts the Road to Success for employees Their individual potential and provide a vast space, a large number of High quality, technological hardware, with a high sense of social responsibility Technical personnel, the company management and staff in practice Ability to continuously improve operations, the East is committed to pursuing Highest level!